Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Birthday Party: Dirt Bike Dolls (& Guys)

This summer, we attended a super fun party for a fun little girl!  Miss M loves dirt, dirt bikes and playing outside - but she also loves pink, purple and everything girly!  This party mom did a great job combining the two - and pulling off a super creative party in the process.  Miss M only wanted girls at her party... at least until two days before the party... a little bit of improvising and Dirt Bike Dolls became a party for Guys AND Dolls.  I love that this party was truly about the birthday girl - it would have been super easy for mom to say invites already went out, too many kids already, etc... but she rolled with it and made it a perfect party for her little girl.

This was definitely an outside party - and we did just that, say outside!  Check out these fun party games: Unicorn Squirt involved using a squirt gun to squirt mud off a picture - first team to fully reveal and guess their animal won!  Mud Masks were just that - masks made of tasty, chocolate mud - some kids were braver than others.  The final game was an obstacle course called the Dirty Dash - there were all sorts of dirty, muddy obstacles for the kids to run through.  How fun!
Because it was a late afternoon party, there was no need to serve more than dessert - and this dessert looked the theme!  Mud pie pudding (with worms and everything) was the perfect themed dessert.
And it wouldn't be a Dirt Bike Guys & Dolls party without dirt bikes.  This little guy was taking kids for rides every chance he got!  And these bikes parked next to the party banner was a fun touch!
What a creative party!  Pick a theme for your next party and go with it - be creative!