Circle River Creations is a dream I've had for a longtime!  I grew up in a neighborhood called Circle River and have been creating things all my life - so the name rolls off my tongue.  I've always dreamed of having a place I could call my own - more than a shop, but a gallery, studio, and business all rolled into one.  I recently planned a shower with a friend (Brianna) for a friend (Neyssa) and it was a big hit... so, the ball has begun to roll and we'll see where it goes!

Meet Lyndsey

I am a busy wife and mother of two - who loves to be creative every chance I get!  Whether it's designing and creating cards or other crafted creations, designing and planning the next gathering or event, or planning and doing a craft with my kids, there's always a project on the table.  My husband, Tom, and I are surrounded by family and friends and are continually counting our blessings, learning something new, going on an adventure or throwing a party!

Meet Brianna & Neyssa

Brianna and Neyssa are two names you'll hear often around here!  They are fabulous friends and offer great inspiration for all things creative and fun.  In a dream world, I'd love to go into business together - when we're all three in a room, things get done.  But for now, we're a tag team when we need to be!

Brianna is a design, catering and menu planning rockstar!  Food is meant to be part of the party itself and she does just that by bringing the theme onto the table and into the recipes.  She's also gifted in floral arranging and event planning.  If you need an all-around creative planner in your corner, she's the one to have!  

Neyssa and I have been friends since high school. She is a gifted photographer and Neyssa Lee Photography is one of my greatest assets in creativity, party planning and photographing! Her talent makes our people and our parties shine.  She has a casual, natural photographing style that's perfect for every occasion.  To learn more about Neyssa or to book a session with her, contact her at www.neyssalee.com.