Friday, November 9, 2012

Birthday Party: Sweet 16 Glow Party

This party was so much fun!  Brianna worked on a fabulous menu which was perfect for teenagers!  A handful of small things to eat made for a delicious platter to choose from - gorgeous, uniquely designed cake (by Brianna), fruits, meatballs, chips & salsa and mini cupcakes.  It's amazing what glows under black lights! Add tonic water to your favorite punch and you have a fluorescing beverage!
For activities, we kept it simple.  In my book, food counts as an activity!  But there was also some fun music and a dance floor covered in black light glow, a simple ring toss using glow bracelets and spray painted bottles, a canvas painting activity using neon paints (so it looks okay in the light, too!) and a make-up station that included fluorescing face paint and neon nail polish.  Simple, but fun and teenage-friendly!  
All of the guests were given glow bracelets and necklaces as well as a take home "Sweet 16" Candy gift.  We wrapped mini Mike & Ike packs in fluorescent paper and added cut out 16s to pop.
We covered the windows with cardboard and paper to keep the light out and used as many black lights as we could find.  Other small things included cutting glow sticks and splattering the inside of glass jars, using extra fluorescent paper pieces as confetti for the tables, using highlighters to write notes on the white paper, and white table clothes added to the overall glow.
A great party is all about the small things!  
Miss S, we had the best time creating this special party for you!  Happy Sweet 16!

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