Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Glow Party: Black Light Bowling

Last fall, I helped plan a Sweet 16 Glow Party for a friend and loved how it all came together!  This spring, we took a simpler route for a black light "Level Up" party at our church.  We rented out the bowling alley and invited the outgoing 8th graders and all the high schools from our church to attend.  It was a great way for the 8th grade students to start making that big transition to high school - and the party was great!  Good food (pizza, of course) and lots of glow!  We handed out glow bracelets, but also asked the students to wear white and neon.  The party started when the lights in the bowling alley were switched on and the music started blasting.  So fun!
The planning for this party was super simple (basically reserving the space and inviting the kids).  But regardless of how much time you spend on a party, it can still be a blast for everyone!  Sometimes hosting a party outside of your home is the best way to tackle a theme (and lots of people).  When you start planning your party, be sure to think about the different options you have in your area.  Can you gather at a park?  Or in a bowling alley?  Maybe a local putt-putt course?  

Bring your inspiration to a location or have your location be your inspiration - and be creative!

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